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GO-TeTaL is a low-cost eLearning facility that empowers teachers to teach better and learners to learn more. Users of GO-TeTaL can have offline access to many Internet-based digital videos and other multimedia documents anytime, anywhere – even if the telecom network is missing or misbehaving! Through gathering and delivering educational tools and ICT-solutions that enable instant access to useful training materials even in areas with little or no connection to the Internet, the GO-TeTaL platform is meant for users to avail themselves of the training opportunities and free educational resources that are uploaded to the Internet for scholars to grab with their phones or computers.

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Office 365

Office 365 is a Microsoft technology-driven facility that brings all the features and benefits of Microsoft Office productivity programs together in one single suite of applications. It is an invaluable collection of software application products that can boost both the performance and the viability of every organization without necessarily involving the process of installing and updating every release of Microsoft software package.

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Training and Certification

GBICTS Academy is a subsidiary of GBICTS LIMITED whose mission is focused on helping people to acquire the knowledge and skills they need for excellent performances in their various fields of human endeavor. Our training programs are aimed at developing a community of certified and competent professionals as well as providing organizations with the opportunity to ensure their staff are fully trained and proficient in the implementation of specialized and innovative ICT solutions, products, and services. We achieve this objective by carefully developing a range of engaging and inspiring solutions, products, and services for the effective application of technology in life generally.



Your organization’s ICT support needs to be in the hands of a team you trust to provide expertise, simplicity, responsiveness, and value-for-money. If you need people who can adapt with you and your organization, push you to be at the forefront of innovation and provide bespoke solutions that work well, then we’re here for you. Our technical support services can be customized and adapted by our technical support team to meet the ongoing challenges of your unique business environment. We can offer our technical support services to schools and businesses on a round-the-clock basis and throughout the world.

About Us

Provision of the RIGHT solution in the RIGHT manner at the RIGHT price is our commitment!

GBICTS is a global business organization that started offering its customized Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services right from a cosmopolitan city in Europe and is currently extending its operations to different parts of the world with an increasingly palpable presence in Nigeria. GBICTS (pronounced Geebites or Geebytes) is an acronym for Global Business Information and Communication Services). The company is deeply committed to the provision of the right ICT solution in the right manner and at the right price!. Our mission is to provide bespoke ICT solutions to all kinds of organizations in both private and public sectors of the global economy. Whether you have a clear preference or you are looking for advice on the choice of technology that is right for your school or business, we will work in close collaboration with with you to connect you to your ICT vision. We have an enduring working partnership with Microsoft Inc., which makes it possible for us to do what us to do what is best for our clients. We help to prepare organizations (academics institutions, businesses, government agencies, and NGOs) on how best to enhance their respective performances by using ICT solutions that are properly aligned with their set business objectives. We are one of the passionate promoters of digital literacy for all individual in Nigeria especially and around the gobe generally. We are also committed to delivering quality customer-care services to all our patrons. Cloud computing, online services, offline training as well as on-site deployment of reliable and secure network infrastructure or other computer solutions are part and parcel of our quality services delivery to our esteem clients. When combined, our custom-made solutions work beautiful well to support the various needs of schools and businesses.